AAOK A39 rechargeable vaping pod open system compatible with RELX Cartridge​- Orange



Product Parameters


Compatible with RELX Cartridge​

✧ Size: 114.15×21.6×12.6mm

✧ Material: Al Allov, PU, PCTG
✧ Weight: 36.7+6g
✧ Battery Capacity: 380mAh
✧ Charging Interface: Type-C
✧ Pod Capacity: 1.8ml
✧ Selling point: battery rechargeable, Pod could be refill oil 4~7 times.
✧ Refillable vape pods system is hot-selling item right now; customers save a lot of money from the pods consume. Empty pod let user to pick their own flavor easier, and able to use different taste oil after user finish their last 1.8ml fill up oil.
✧ Flavor: Open system vape comes with empty pod; you can order a variety of flavors of bottled oil that the flavors you want